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Weekendhang offers serves as a search engine for offers, services, deals etc. based on their current location. For example, ‚Äčif any one is planning a holiday over weekend or someone already out on a holiday and they always want to explore the new areas so they could spend more quality time around it then will give you better option to search different offers related to restaurants, foods, shopping, events etc.

How weekendhang does work?

Weekendhang will pick your current location and will display all available offers, deals, events, services etc in your vicinity. One can even search his or her specific location to see all the available information.

How does this help the business?

Businesses can post all servies, promotions, deals etc on the Weekendhang as per users location, so that the end user can see available information about his/her area of interest. in fact the info can be posted in different categories so that the user can easily identifythe category of his or her interest. Through Weekendhang, you can easily promote your business and advertise your company and get maximum customers. Charges for the information listing on Weekendhang? Right now it's free of cost and there are no hidden charges. You can list your information with Weekendhang and you can promote your business free of cost.

How business owner can use Weekendhang?

You need to register your company first then our admin team will confirm your account. Then you can login and post the listings there. Links are available on the Please follow the below mentioned links to do the same.

Company registration link: Click here for registration

Company Login to manage the detais: Click here for company login